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Trail Mileage & Descriptions

Cathedral (1.1 mi) = Easy to Moderate. Several small areas of incline. Longest trail on the park. Many nice views of Rhine Creek.

Wood Thrush (.62 mi) = Easy. Starts on this side of the park before crossing Route 50. Once on lower end, cross Route 50 again and connect with Cathedral Trail. Please use caution when crossing road.

Giant Hemlock (.22 mi) = Easy to Moderate. Lots of large tree roots exposed on end near two foot bridges. Two largest living Eastern Hemlocks on the park are found along this trail.

Partridge Berry (.55 mi) = Easy. Lots of areas to see wildlife. Can branch off to Cardinal on this trail.

Cardinal (.22 mi) = Easy. Also, good wildlife viewing trail. Can branch off to Trillium on this trail.

Trillium (.12 mi) = Easy. Very short. Connects to Cardinal. Comes out on Old Oakland Road on far end of trail.

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